The Shopify “Refresh” Program

The “Shopify Refresh Program” was a marketing campaign launched in June 2018 intended to generate leads by giving free websites to current or prospective Shopify merchants. The website build would allow C2 to further market the client on other services the company offered. The campaign’s conversation rate from June 2018 to August 2018 was 50% and ultimately lead to partnering with one client in development of other business ventures. The images below are of the website landing page created to promote the program in which I wrote all the copy. I also developed and implemented social media marketing strategy that generated 90% of the leads for this campaign. Click here for website.

  • 50% Conversion Rate
  • 90% Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Manager, I developed marketing strategy, created artwork, and facilitated the launch of social media channels aimed to build brand awareness, establish digital brand identity, and generate leads. Below a few examples of instagram post used to do just that, as well as, a few promotional advertisments.


The #BeHappy campaign was an effort I developed to promote the “Shopify Refresh Program,” a free website promotion we were running. The concept was that small business owners’ love what they do, but are often stressed by the demands of business that exist outside of their expertise like SEO, e-commerce website management, or social media marketing. Thats where we come in! With our help, a small business owner can be happy just doing what they love to do and let us build and manage their website, social media, etc. With our services they could finally ” Be Happy.” The campaign was our most successful that quarter with an average 76% engagement rate.

  • 76% Engagement Rate
  • 33% Conversion Rate
  • 17% Increase in Sales

A part of the #BeHappy campaign this ad added value by informing our target demographic of best practices while building brand awareness siamotainously. It held a steady engagement rate of about 47% percent. (4 of 10 slide are shown click here for more.)

#TipOftheDay Content Series

The #TipOfTheDay content series was a series I created to build brand awareness by adding value to our target demographics timeline. The goal was to highlight our brand’s as one whom inspires, informs, and facilitates all things small-business e-commerce. Thus developing relationships with our consumers in which they could rely on our brand to help them in their’ journey to success in business.